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Cardboard Tube Packaging

Visican is the leading British cardboard tube packaging manufacturer. All our tube packaging is produced in our Birmingham facility, which is located in the heart of the UK. Our custom card and paper tube packaging can be printed and customised to meet the needs of your particular product.

A wide variety of cardboard tube packaging is available, each custom made to your specifications and fully branded with your design. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest production methods to bring your designs to life.

We are both FSC® and BRC certified; Many of our products made from 100 percent cardboard, and all of our tubes are suitable for direct food contact.

cardboard tube packaging
Galapagos cardboard tube packaging

All Card Butt Jointed Cardboard Tubes

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Telescopic Cardboard Tube Packaging

All Card Telescopic Cardboard Tubes

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One piece metal lid cardboard tube packaging

One Piece Cardboard Tube with Metal or Plastic Lid

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One piece metal lid and base cardboard tube packaging

One Piece Cardboard Tube with Metal Base and Metal Lid

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Shaker cardboard tube packaging

Sifter and Shaker Cardboard Tubes

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push up cardboard tube packaging

Cardboard Push Up Tubes & Balm Pots

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hand sealed cardboard tube packaging

Hand Sealed Cardboard Tubes

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Pre Sealed cardboard tube packaging

Machine Sealed Cardboard Tubes

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Certificate cardboard packaging tube

Diploma and Certificate Cardboard Tubes

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Industrial cardboard packaging tube

Industrial Cardboard Tubes

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Plain industrial tubes

Cardboard Postal Tubes

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Custom cardboard tube packaging UK

Our high-quality paper tube packaging is custom-made for each request, meaning you can present your brand in a unique and environmentally friendly way.

With our cardboard tube range including butt joined, telescopic, push-up cardboard tubes and more, Visican is sure to be able to support your packaging requirements. Get in touch today to get a quote.


Printed cardboard tubes manufacturer

All tubes are produced and printed in our Birmingham facility located in the heart of the UK. These packaging tubes are of high quality and are fully branded with your design. If you are interested in our cardboard tube packaging – check out our online shop here.


Custom tube packaging

As specialists in cardboard tube packaging, Visican prides itself on offering a diverse and comprehensive range of solutions to meet varying packaging needs. From small to large cardboard tube packaging, our products are tailored to suit a variety of dimensions and requirements. In the UK and beyond, our cardboard packaging tubes have gained recognition for their versatility and quality. We cater to a wide array of industries, including food packaging, where our cardboard tube food packaging options are designed to maintain freshness and integrity of products, adhering to rigorous standards, especially in the UK market.

Our range extends to include aesthetically appealing options like black and white cardboard tube packaging, perfect for brands seeking a sleek and sophisticated presentation. For those looking for eco-friendly options, our recycled cardboard tube packaging aligns with sustainable practices without compromising on quality. Our kraft cardboard tube packaging is particularly popular for its natural look and feel, resonating with eco-conscious consumers. For businesses seeking a more personalized touch, our custom cardboard tube packaging allows for branding opportunities with printed cardboard tube packaging, enabling companies to showcase their brand uniquely and effectively.

In addition to our varied colour and material options, Visican offers wholesale cardboard tube packaging, providing cost-effective solutions for larger orders. Whether you’re looking to buy cardboard tube packaging for commercial use or need a mockup for a specific project, we’re equipped to meet your needs by helping you see how your final design will look as one of our high end cardboard tubes, before committing to manufacturing. Whether you need cardboard tube packaging near you or from afar, Visican is your go-to provider. From cardboard tube tea packaging to craft applications, our tubes are versatile, durable, and tailored to your specific needs.