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Fill and Seal Tube Containers

Manufactured in the UK

A professional pack developed for hand filling by artisans, start-ups and for prototyping.

Invert the inner tube to fill, push on the base, turnover and slip the lid over the aluminium tear off closure.

The base locks to the inner tube. Your customer lifts off the lid and pulls the ring pull – the lid re-seals the pack.

Manufactured to order in 73mm, 85mm and 99mm diameters from 100% recycled brown board or pure white  board from sustainable sources.

All our card tubes are custom made – The minimum order quantity is – Plain 1000, Printed 2,000

Manufactured to the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for food grade packaging materials.

Liners are available for different foodstuffs – click here for liners and products needing air tightness.

Not sure which style of tube is right for you? Click here and order a sample pack

Ring Pull Card Tubes with Clip in Plastic Base
Fill and Seal Card Tube Containers - Visican Luxury Tubes
Ring Pull Card Tubes with Clip in Plastic Base
Self Seal Food Tubes Packaging

Size Information


A version of our butt-jointed tubes available in 73mm, 85mm and 99mm internal diameters.

Aluminium tear-off seal pre-applied to the top of the spigot.

To fill – invert the spigot and fill with your product.

Slide the base tube over the filled tube and push to seal.

The specially formulated adhesive bonds the two together.

Turn over so the lid slides over the aluminium end.

See how our custom tubes can make an impact for your next project

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