Autumn Update – Solar Panel Installation

Like any business, we have a responsibility to our customers, our employees, and our planet. We want to provide high-quality cardboard tubes and services, while also minimising our environmental impact and contributing to a safer and cleaner future. That is why we are committed to going green and using renewable energy sources as much as possible.


We are delighted to announce that we have recently installed 560 Solar PV panels to our factory roof!


This will help avoid a projected 64928KG of harmful and unnecessary emissions each year. The installation of solar panels allows us to become more energy independent and less reliant on the grid which will reduce our exposure to the volatile energy market which is subject to both price fluctuations and supply disruptions. This is a significant investment for us which is neither easy or straightforward; but by diversifying our energy mix & sources we hope to be able to enhance our competitiveness by lowering our energy costs and increasing efficiency.


Sustainable packaging by Visican


As a business we have a strong vision to grow and succeed in the all-card packaging market. we believe that going green is not only a moral duty, but also a smart strategy. We are proud of our achievements so far but know that there is still more to do. That is why we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our sustainability performance and make a positive difference.


We invite you to join us in this journey and share your feedback and suggestions. Together, we can create a better future for ourselves and our planet.

Autumn Update – Solar Panel Installation