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Plastic Ring Pull Tubes with Clip in Plastic Base

Manufactured in the UK

These unique tubes are supplied with a ring pull closure already fitted.

Manufactured to the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for food grade packaging materials.

Pack your contents and close the tube with the plastic clip in base.

Your customer opens the tube using the ring pull.

We offer full colour branding to give excellent shelf prominence to your product.

Not suitable for powder or air tight products.

Minimum quantities from 2000 units.


Available in 73mm, 85mm and 99mm diameters.

Plastic Tube Container - Ring Pull
Plastic Tube with Ring Pull UK
Plastic Cylinder Packaging Tubes with Ring Pull

Size Information

Plastic-PlasticClipBase-AluiniumTearLid - Technical Drawing

All dimensions are in mm.

A – Internal DiameterB – Minimum Internal LengthB – Maximum Internal Length
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